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Working with Sally has changed my life for the better in ways I never imaged or thought possible. I was motivated enough to reach out to her to begin coaching, but still reluctant to fully “jump in” because trying to help myself in the past didn’t work. I never understood why until I met Sally. She is invested in my well-being like no other professional I’ve worked with. She truly wants to get to know me, and she wants to help me get to know myself better. She is patient when I’m not ready to tackle what feels like a huge topic. She is compassionate when most of the session consists of me crying. She gives a gentle and kind nudge when she sees I’m on the brink of a breakthrough, and I’m scared to dive in. And, she is my biggest cheerleader when I’m excited about a revelation or win I’ve experienced. I will forever be grateful that I found Sally and had the chance to work with her.

AGAdult Client and Parent