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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Coach?

What is different about an Executive function and ADHD Coach?

What Can Coaches Do for People With ADHD?

ADHD Coach vs. Therapist - What’s the difference?

How do you meet with clients?

I Want to Help You:

Discover the best in yourself and/or your children
Work well collaboratively with the people in your life
Shorten the time to calm, finding the power of the pause
Advocate for what’s needed to be successful at work or school
Put aside the judgment, shame, and negative self-talk
Build executive function skills to find success

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After working with Sally for only a few short months I can say with confidence that I was surprised by the results I experienced through our coaching partnership. As someone with ADHD, I had continuously told myself old stories about how my brain operated that I let take control of my work ethic and the way I valued myself as a person. In working with Sally over the months, she first helped me bring awareness to the fact that through these stories, I was criticizing my brain and I held onto specific beliefs about myself that were obstructive and not necessarily true. After bringing awareness to these stories and realizing how much I was letting them control my way of thinking, Sally worked with me as much as I needed to reroute my way of thinking. At first it was difficult for me to be vulnerable and try and change the way I had been wired to think for so long. However, Sally’s personal, understanding, and encouraging nature made being vulnerable a very easy thing to do. I found that I was able to be open about anything and Sally challenged my way of thinking which gradually changed my mindset and my thought process. It wasn’t until the past month that I started to witness the change I had experienced. I had reshaped my way of thinking and I gained tremendous confidence in myself that has benefitted all areas of my life. My new way of thinking has allowed me to gain the confidence I needed to change boundaries within relationships, go after the job I was nervous about, improve my study habits to help me succeed in graduate school, make time to improve my well-being, and discover what is valuable about myself. I would encourage individuals to form a coaching partnership with Sally because she is the relationship I never knew I needed! She is someone who will be willing to work with you on any area in your life and she will push you to become the person you’ve desired to be.

MPCollege Client

We have been blown away at the growth in her confidence, the ability to see things more objectively, as well as her insight in understanding her triggers and what is healthy and not healthy. We are so grateful for your coaching to help her understand who she is and how she operates. You have helped her see things more clearly and helped her create criteria for work, play, school, etc. that work for her… which she did not have before. Thank you!

APParent of College Client

As a parent of a child with ADHD, sometimes you feel like you are alone, not knowing how to help your child to succeed. Coach Sally is kind, helpful and patient, and is a valuable resource to both my son and me. We have seen many positive changes in my son since he’s begun working with Coach Sally. She takes great challenges that seem difficult to tackle, and breaks them down into easy steps that propel my son towards his goal. Coaching has been one of the best decisions we’ve made, and the smile on my son’s face when he meets his goals is all the proof I need that it was worth it!

DKMom of Client